Project goal:  The Darker the Berry,

90-120 minute feature film, a comedy/ drama re “colorism.”


Production Team:


Producer, director, & writer:

Norman Kelley


Producer:  TBD


Associate Producer:  TBD


Associate Producer:  TBD


Cinematographer: Dennis Boni


Editor: Adele Schmidt


Proposed budget: $1-2,000,000 (Modified Low Budget/SAG-Indie)


Status of Production: Script available

Production date: TBD

         Creative Brief:

   The Darker the Berry  

Pitch: An exquisitely dark-skinned woman exposes her brother’s problem with her complexion – at his expense.


Tag line:  “The story of a sweet woman in a sour world”


Setting:  Washington, DC


Goals: To date, Hidden Figures (2016) has garnered over $100 million dollars. Girls Trip (2017) : over $100 million. Other than Precious (2009) there has not been a narrative film about an African American woman of a darker hue. While Precious was a successful film that accrued $63 million dollars worldwide, it still portrayed a black family within the black pathology motif. The Darker the Berry  would represent an opportunity to present a new female heroine to the screen: Tisha McInness.

It would also represent an opportunity to produced a film about DC rather the Nation's Capitol.


Primary audience: Black female film-goers.

Secondary audience: black movie-goers.

Third audience: Independent film-goers.