Female Actor to Play the Lead in SAG/Indie scaled production in Washington, DC.


SPECIAL Requirement: MUST be a super dark, very, very dark complexioned black woman for the lead role; the darker the better.


Age: late 20s, early 30s; Height: approx.: 5’ 9” to 5’ 11”; Weight: approx.: 140 – 160 lb. Body type: Athletic to voluptuous.

Nationality of role: American.

Personality: Outgoing, intelligent, good-natured, humorous, sharp, keen, intelligent, angers slowly.

Looking for an actress with the looks, grace, charm and personality of Lupita Nyong'o. See video.


Contact: Norman Kelley: norman.kelley@gmail.com; send headshot, resume and/or reel.

CASTING NOTICE to Women of African Background: If you are from an African country (e.g., Lupita Nyong'o: Kenya; Khoudia Diop, the model on this page, is Senegalese) or a  1st generation African American of West African parents (e.g., Uzo Aduba: Nigeria; Gabourey Sidibe: Senegalese , you are encouraged to submit headshot, resume and reel.

If still unsure, see this Ted Talk 

with Chika Okoro speaking about colorism.

We're looking for you!

Model Koudia Diop is the ideal type. 

(Courtesy of Colored Girl Inc.)